Winter Driving School in Irving

Winter Driving School in Irving

Preparing you for extreme winter driving conditions

Freezing rain, snow, ice, high winds, winter storms, and blizzards bring potentially dangerous driving conditions. Slippery roads and poor vision make driving a real tough nut to crack. The only safety against such hazardous conditions relies on driver’s meticulous performance and sharp common sense. Our Irving driving school help you prepare for such challenging situations with proficiency and professionalism. We give you a sense that helps in driving under extreme weather conditions.

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Ensuring highest level of safe driving

Irving Driving Academy offers multiple winter driving programs for teenagers and adults alike, realizing that even the professional drivers need counseling to drive under tough weather conditions we designed such courses that cater to all from a novice to a much more mature driver. Enrolling in the world’s advanced driving courses at Irving will help you maintain or regain control of your vehicle while driving on real ice and snow and our professional instructors will guide you towards more confident driving in any kind of situation hence ensuring safety as a result for added security.

Our winter driving program instructors have vast experience in ice racing, with a front wheel, rear and all-wheel drive race cars which gives them command over techniques and knows how to maintain control on icy roads and hence they very sincerely and honestly pass on to their students.

Drive safe and be safe with Irving Driving Academy

It is our conscious effort to teach students so diligently that the number of accidents on roads due to tough winter conditions lessens and the road mishaps side-line to the maximum extent possible. In such an effort to do so we have designed programs that would help attain the desired objectives, the multiple courses that we offer to teens are;

  • The Basic Course including 6 hours of in-car driving & 6 hours of in-car observation
  • The Advantage Plus Program including 8 hours private lessons of Behind-the-Wheel Training (no need to do any observation)
  • The Classic Experience comprising of 12 hours of all private lessons
  • We also offer 25 and 50 hours behind-the-wheel programs
  • 30-Hour Classroom Training
  • Driver Exam(OST)On-Site- Testing

Our classroom sessions and behind-the-wheel lessons will guide you regarding the car maintenance while also teaching different techniques of mirror positioning, vision training, information processing and driver psychology that will help avoid on-road mishaps. We will teach you different ways of avoiding slipping and skidding on wet roads while also teaching about emergency brakes, automatic traction control and much more in a pleasant training environment. The on-location exercise with our instructors on skid pads, collision avoidance and emergency lane changing patterns will train you in overcoming such situation in future while you will also receive instant feedback from trainers.

Tips for safe driving on icy roads

  • Slow down and leave space between vehicles
  • Clear away the snow from the windshield, turn on the lights for increased visibility
  • Apply brakes gently for avoiding slipping and skidding
  • Make sure you have enough fuel in the tank in order to avoid unforeseen situations
  • Always keep an emergency kit (food, clothes, road maps, flashlight, whistle, snowbrush etc.) in your car

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