Teen Driving School in Irving

Earn your license and become a safe, secure driver with the help of driving school in Irving, Texas


Teen Driving School in Irving, TX

AGE – 15 to 18

All Inclusive programs provide the students with 30 hours of class and all class materials. We offer weekday classes, Saturday/Sunday classes, Saturday only, and Sunday only classes

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Making Teenagers Comfortable with That Steering Wheel

You’ve probably reached the age where you want to enjoy the freedom and cherish the liberty to feel the world on wings. While you cannot literally fly, we can help you get the freedom; the freedom to just drive wherever and whenever you want. We can help legalize for you to roam around freely and run errands at your own will and pace. So if you are ready to begin learning the art of driving, we are here to teach you in a fun, convenient way making sure that you are safe and well informed behind the wheel.

Irving Driving Academy offers Teen Driving Education to help make teenagers capable and responsible drivers, understanding road safety completely. Our course comprises of both classroom learning and on-road driving lessons, instilling traffic awareness and road safety tips among beginners.

Our instructors make sure to inculcate in students the art of patience, the knack for appropriate behavior and the capability of meticulous decision making under edgy circumstances. It is not just about driving it is about the ability to handle multiple things at the same time.

Start Your Journey with Irving Driving Academy

It is our conscious effort to teach students so diligently that the number of accidents on roads lessens and the road mishaps sideline to the maximum extent possible. In such an effort to do so we have designed programs that would help attain the desired objectives, the multiple courses that we offer to teens are;

  • The Basic Course including 6 hours of in-car driving & 6 hours of in-car observation
  • The Advantage Plus Program including 8 hours private lessons of Behind-the-Wheel Training (no need to do any observation)
  • The Classic Experience comprising of 12 hours of all private lessons
  • We also offer 25 and 50 hours behind-the-wheel programs
  • 30-Hour Classroom Training
  • Driver Exam(OST) On-Site- Testing

It should, however, be noted that the missed classes can be compensated for, by make-up classes with no extra charges. You can miss up to 4 sessions at the most and then reschedule later on with the instructor.

Upon the completion of the class and behind the wheel lessons you will immediately be certified by Irving Driving Academy with the Secretary of State. Whereas we will also mail you your Adams certificate, which is used toward high school graduation requirements and your insurance discount.

Ready to get on board with Irving Driving Academy for a wonderful driving experience? Call us now or register yourself online. We will be more than happy to make your driving future safe.

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