Defensive Driving School in Irving

Defensive Driving School in Irving

Learn it the easier way at Irving Driving Academy

Develop your perceptual skills, be more aware and reduce the hazardous risks while you are on the road, opt for a defensive driving course at our Irving driving school and get a strong grip on your driving skills. Defensive driving is learned to practice the art of “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.”

Our defensive driving course consists of classroom sessions followed by practical in-car sessions. It can be taken up by

  • Employees of an organization upon the concerned employer’s demand
  • Drivers disqualified from driving asked by a court
  • And other adults and teenagers alike after getting a learner license and preferably some driving experience first

What does our course material offer?

Our defensive driving course has been designed by industry experts and qualified instructors which is excellent in shape and easily understandable by all. The course aims to offer high quality and up to date information in complete accordance with the state’s law and order situation.

Our qualified instructors help you;

  • identify danger before it’s too late
  • understand vehicle performance
  • understand multiple techniques and ways of applying them
  • understand human factors in driving
  • understand the concept of overtaking
  • steering techniques
  • emergency braking and accident avoidance
  • ways of managing exhaustion and avoid distractions
  • respecting other drivers and maintaining road ethics
  • These and much more….

Tailored to meet every student’s individual needs

  • Driving lessons meeting your individualistic needs
  • Requests lessons online
  • Customer support 24/7

Our Defensive Driving Course is one of the best courses available in the whole of Texas, therefore get yourselves registered and avail our wonderful package to the most by learning varied defensive driving techniques including the journey management, 24 hours lifestyle, seating position, crash anticipation and avoidance, and practical vehicle check. Learn all these and so much more at absolutely reasonable rates and under the supervision of professional instructors.

Benefiting you!

This course will benefit you in ways unimaginable as it will help you dismiss the traffic ticket, earn insurance discounts, become a skilled driver and reduce points from your traffic record.

Enroll with Irving Driving Academy now for a tremendous driving experience. Call us now or register yourself online. We will be quick in getting back to you and be more than happy to make your driving future safe.

Learn to anticipate and avert dangerous situations with Irving Driving Academy!

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