Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of complete and very practical answers. Don’t forget, our experts are best placed to answer your questions.

Which vehicles are used for training purposes at your academy?

At Irving Driving Academy, we use small cars that are easy to handle and safe to drive for beginners, equipped with dual brakes for added security. Cars of different models are used such as the Toyota Prius, Suzuki Swift, Mitsubishi Lancer, Hyundai I30 and the like. But you can stay assured that they are in great shape and stunning quality.

Can I use my own vehicle for behind-the-wheel driving lessons?

We recommend that you use our vehicle which is dual controlled for your added safety but you can also use your own car however it will first be inspected by our instructors for safety purposes. They will check the condition of tyres, indicators, headlights, brake lights, seats and seat belts, and it’s upon their satisfaction that you will get permission to use your own car.

What is the cost of driving lessons?

It depends on which course you opt for. We have different packages available for different categories of driving and classroom lessons. You can contact our customer support system or email us for the kind of lesson you want to take at Irving Driving Academy and we will send you our complete package information.

I have conveyance issues as I am only 16 and don’t own a car, Can your driving school give me a pick and drop facility?

Yes, we provide pick and drop services to our clients for their ease and convenience.

Can the pick-up and drop off location be different?

Yes, if you want to be picked up at school and dropped off at home, we can happily facilitate you with that. You just have to pre-arrange this with your instructor while going through the process of enrollment. But it would be convenient if your locations are within reasonable distance from the driving school.

I am a student so can I cancel a class in case of any exam or test or assignment?

Yes, many of our students come across such situations so we facilitate them by offering cancellation facility but you will be required to inform the instructor 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. The lesson fee will be non-refundable if the lesson is not cancelled 48 hours in advance.

Is there any dress code/ uniform for classroom/ in-car lessons?

Not really, but we would appreciate if you wear tennis shoes for lessons instead of flip-flops or sandals.

Should I learn to drive in a manual or automatic car? And which service does your driving academy offer?

It entirely depends on your choice and requirement. But if you take our expert’s suggestion, we would recommend that you learn to drive the manual first. Though the automatic car is easier to drive as it does not involve the hassle of clutch pedal or change gear but the true pleasure of driving a car comes from manual transmission only. If you learn to drive an automatic car you would only be able to drive just that whereas if you learn to drive a manual car you will be able to drive both i.e. manual as well as automatic. So take our humble suggestion and opt for a manual car if you are a beginner.

As for the second part of the question, we offer both services for our clients’ convenience. You will be able to practice shifting techniques in case of stick shift driving lessons and get to learn about the latest in-vehicle technology in case of an automatic one. So whichever you intend to learn about contact us directly for setting up a lesson right away.

Do you provide ‘L’ plates?

Yes, Learner or ‘L’ plates are available with us. You can collect it on your visit for class.

How many lessons will I need to drive?

There is no minimum or maximum limit per se but to be able to drive proficiently, an average of 40-45 hours of lessons should do. Also, it depends on how quickly you pick things. If you think you have garnered enough skills to be able to drive safely and if our instructors are satisfied with your performance only then can your lessons end?

What courses do you offer?

We have designed multiple services tailored to meet individualistic driving needs. The distinguished and wide-ranging services that we offer include;

  • Teen Driver Education
  • Adult In-Car Lessons
  • Program for Seniors
  • Winter Driving
  • Defensive Driving
  • Stick Shift Lessons

You can pick any course that you think will best suit your needs and call us right away to get yourself registered.

How much do you charge?

We have the most competitive rates at our disposal. Kindly refer to the concerned course for price packages or call us now to get the required info.

Would there be a strict environment? How good are your instructors?

Our instructors are highly qualified individuals who behave in a polite and professional manner. So you won’t have to face any pressured circumstances, rather you will enjoy your stay with us and will have fun in a friendly, welcoming environment. Besides, we conduct customer satisfaction surveys at regular intervals for ensuring clients’ contentment. And trust us we always get the most positive reviews and feedback from our clients. Please refer to our testimonials sections for further clarity purposes.

How do I book my first lesson?

You can get yourself registered online, call the office on (817) 420-2342 or come to the office personally between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM daily.

Do I need an appointment to take the driver's test?

Yes, you will need an appointment to take the driver’s test. You can schedule your appointment online or call us directly.

What should I do upon obtaining my learner's permit?

When you have finished your learner test and got your learner’s permit, ‘L’ Plates must be shown on the front and back of the auto you are driving. You should have your Learner Permit with you each time you drive in case you are asked to provide identification by a police officer. Also, you should have an authorized licensed driver sitting beside to you at all times.